Miscellaneous Services

Going The Extra Inch

We believe we are always giving 100% effort to our customers, but for every person if we strive to reach a little higher we can be exceptional. Our additional services include gutter cleaning and algae treatment. Spectacular roofs are all we know. We want it to shine!  

Miscellaneous Services

Gutter Cleaning

Living in Northeast Ohio, we understand we all experience a full array of seasons. When fall comes around, we know gutters get clogged with leaves. If this goes untreated, water can build up in the clogged gutters which can cause ice dams in the winter and can cause gutter damage. Quick seasonal cleaning is the best way to avoid this issue and we are here to help. That is why we offer gutter cleaning as an additional service. 

Algae Treatment

If you have a roof, or part of a roof that is underneath a tree, algae is a common problem. With our expert roof walking abilities, we can apply a non-acidic, non-bleach applicator that will remove and prevent algae caused by tree spores. 

Additional Roofing Services in Northeast Ohio

These additional services can be requested upon for the most part when you need help for your roof, but if you need the service without any other roofing service we provide, we can stop by and at least provide you a quote for a quick job. Contact our team today and we can get back to you with a professional quote. 

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